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Deals with ICT suppliers

EVC is proud to operate as a fully independent consultancy.  However, we actively seek opportunities to work in partnership with commercial suppliers of high quality products (normally software, hardware and/or services), where we feel that such a partnership is to the potential benefit of clients.

We will never recommend products that we do not think are in the interest of our clients and will always disclose if EVC will receive any financial benefit as a result of sales.

We currently work in partnership with the following suppliers/products and will happily discuss any of them with you by telephone or when on-site delivering other CPD or consultancy.

The benefits of purchasing via EVC vary, but typically include preferential pricing (perhaps via a discount code, with the purchase being made directly with the supplier or by placing the order via EVC - this varies according to the supplier) and the option of purchasing further training and support, if required.

List of current partners

To discuss your requirements further and for the relevant EVC discount code(s),
please contact us.

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