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Deals with suppliers - Just2easy, j2e

Just2easy produce powerful and flexible software tools that allow children to be truly creative whilst they learn. The tools are online, so there is no software to install and the programs are always up to date. Free home access is given as part of a school licence, giving teachers the ability to set homework for children online. j2e and JIT are BETT Award finalists.

The Just2easy software suite (programs can be purchased individually as well as in various value packs) includes:

j2e - a word processing/desk top publishing tool that incorporates teacher markup and peer assessment as well as text to speech, painting tools, sound recording and web forms.

JIT - j2e infant tools. Specifically designed for younger users, JIT incorporates write, paint, turtle, chart, pictogram, animate and mix tools.

J2Vote - an educational voting tool that does not require specialised handsets, using any internet connected device such as computers, netbooks and other mobile devices such as the Nintendo DSi, PSP, iPhone, iPad, etc. It can be used as a standalone application or integrated with j2e.

J2Measure - children can measure distances and areas on a map, calculate length, angle and area and create scale drawings. Integrates with j2e.

J2Spotlight - children can create and edit animated movies, acting as performers, animators, script writers, producers and directors.  Allows stop frame animation and chroma key (“green screen”) effects as well as three track sound recording. Comes with a library of music and sound effects.

Just2easy website

Benefits available to EVC clients: Preferential pricing, optional training and support available if required.

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