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Deals with suppliers - Mobi View from Banxia Software

Mobi View is a high quality interactive tablet that can augment or replace an interactive whiteboard, when used with a digital projector.  The tablet frees the teacher from the whiteboard and allows them to move around the classroom whilst retaining control of what is being displayed.

To achieve greater interaction, the tablet can be handed to pupils, saving the time and disruption of them having to make their way to the front of the class. Less confident pupils can participate without having to stand in front of the class and it overcomes problems that shorter pupils may have if they cannot reach all areas of a whiteboard. It can also overcome significant health and safety issues for shorter members of staff.

In a new-build/refurbishment situation, an interactive tablet also offers significant cost savings over an interactive whiteboard. If a classroom already has a whiteboard, then adding a tablet can bring greater flexibility and the benefits listed above.

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Benefits available to EVC clients: Preferential pricing and optional training. Orders should be placed via EVC.

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