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Resources – Diagrams

The first links on this page are to ICT subject specific resources. These are followed by generic diagrams about aspects of teaching. Where appropriate, the rationale behind the diagram is described.

Getting the best from your use of data projectors (teachers)

The aim of the diagram is to promote reflection on the use of technology in the classroom and its impact, in particular digital projection technologies (eg interactive whiteboards).

The premise of this diagram, produced for Bracknell Forest Borough Council, is that technology provides us with neutral tools. In an educational context these tools can both enhance and detract from learning which is shown in the form of a continuum. Four aspects of lesson quality are considered; pace, resources, variety and interactivity.    Getting the best from your use of data projectors

Vision for education and vision for ICT (teachers)

Two wheel diagrams with accompanying text that express a personal vision for education and for ICT. These can be used as stimulus material to start a strategic, outcome oriented discussion.
A personal vision for education

The challenge continuum (teachers)

This diagram supports professional discussion around the importance of setting learners the right level of challenge, with negative results if this is set too high or too low. The diagram suggests that teachers are aiming to work within a relatively narrow band, stressing the importance of getting this aspect right.   
The challenge continuum

Developing your relationship with a group (teachers)

This diagram aims to support discussion with a colleague around group relationships, eg in situations where a teacher is struggling, with NQTs or for general professional development.  It separates things that are mostly a matter of process from those that are more linked to individual teacher behaviour.  Someone can decide whether or not to do the process items relatively easily and in the shorter term, whereas trying to develop any of the behaviour items may be more challenging and longer term.  Anyone trying to improve how they interact with a particular group is more likely to achieve success if they chose just one or two aspects of the relationship to work on at any one time. Developing your relationship with a group

Legacy items

Stairway to success – KS3 ICT assessment (pupils and teachers)

Staircase diagram showing the progression between the different levels (based on APP, 2008)   
Stairway to success, KS3 ICT APP

KS3 ICT National Curriculum overview (post-2008 review, teachers)

This diagram offers an overview of the ICT National Curriculum at KS3 after the 2008 review. The “pyramid” diagram is focussed on ICT capability.   KS3 ICT pyramid, 2008 NC review