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Scratch Programming Courses - delegate comments

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If you are interested in hosting future courses at your school, please get in touch, to discuss the details and the benefits on offer. We are happy to consider new venues in areas that are not already covered.

I really enjoyed the session. I feel ready to have a go at  teaching Scratch. Thank you. Sally Aluko, Berkshire (primary)A great afternoon, very informative.  Lots of ideas to take away.  Teacher, Swindon (primary)What I got out of today...Good understanding of  how to programme using Scratch and how to  make games. Samantha Lamin, Wiltshire (primary)Great introduction to program AND programming.   Bruce Taylor, Berkshire (SEN, secondary)Enjoyable intro to programming Teacher, Surrey (independent, secondary)What I got out of today…I knew very little about  Scratch at the start of the session, now I feel able  to teach it to my classes. Great introduction to  Scratch. Lots to takeaway and use. Teacher, Oxfordshire (independent)What I have got out of today… More confidence in using Scratch. Specifics that I can teach. Thank you - session was delivered in down to earth way - very easy to follow. Gill Hague, Berkshire (primary)Thanks - once again I have learnt so much. Beth Watts, Swindon (primary)What I have got out of today… Learnt a huge amount about Scratch. Feel much more confident. Amy Brock, Berkshire (primary)What I have got out of today… Good basic programming.  Confidence. Chris Prickett, Headteacher,  Berkshire (primary)The course leader made Scratch very easy to understand. I now feel much more confident about  teaching Scratch to pupils. Teacher, Berkshire, (secondary)Really enjoyed the training - will download Scratch at home and practise using it! Sophie Gilmor, Berkshire (secondary)I really enjoyed the session and feel more confident now  demonstrating to the class. Kate Panette, Berkshire (primary)What I have got out of today… Good start at programming a game. Great session - confidence boosting  and giving an inkling into its potential. Gerry Heynes, Headteacher,  Berkshire (primary)Thank you for a great training session yesterday.  it was very valuable  to our staff - I think it demystified many of the ideas that they had held  about coding! Gill Hague, Berkshire (primary)