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Resources – Podcasts

The podcasts referred to on this page were made for Bracknell Forest Borough Council and featured teaching staff, pupils and others. All the podcasts can be found by clicking here and scrolling down the page.


Forest Pathways 004 - E-safety, facts and myths

Audio extracts of US researchers presenting their findings to a congressional interest group on online teen victimisation, in 3 parts.
Pt1: Facts and myths
Pt2: Teen behaviour 1 – statistics
Pt3: Teen behaviour 2 – anecdotal evidence

Forest Pathways 008 - E-safety, teachers talking

Two Bracknell Forest teachers, from contrasting primary schools, discuss their experiences of dealing with e-safety in their schools. They talk about what they have learnt from talking to pupils about their use of technology (Pt A), cyberbullying (Pt B) and what they have done to educate parents and other adults (Pt C).


Podcasting hints and tips

Suggestions for how you can improve your podcasts, illustrated with examples from the Garth Hill College podcasting club.


A podcast of podcasts, showing different uses of podcasting by Bracknell Forest Council, illustrated with podcast extracts.

Teacher development

Forest Pathways 001 - Coaching

This podcast examines why peer-to-peer coaching can be such a powerful form of CPD for teachers. It features four teachers who took part in a pilot programme talking about their experiences. There is a full version (29 mins) and a short version (13 mins).

Forest Pathways 005 - Pupil perceptions of teacher use of ICT

Pupils talking about what they view as good and poor use of ICT by their teachers.

Forest Pathways 006 - TIPD visit to Hungary, 2007

Teachers discussing what they learned during a professional development visit to Eger in Hungary.

Forest Pathways 007 - Pupils' views of transition to secondary school

Pupils being interviewed at the end of Year 6 about how they felt about making the transition to secondary school (Pt1). The same pupils were then re-interviewed in October of the same year, after a few weeks in their new school, to see how the transition had actually gone (Pt2).