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Discounted packages of support visits

Primary Plus and Secondary Select

Primary Plus and Secondary Select packages offer schools the opportunity to purchase a number of support visits (any number from 5 upwards, each visit being up to 2.5 hours) and offer outstanding value for money. The support visits can then be drawn down over the following 12 months.


Focus packages offer even better value for more concentrated work. They must be taken over two consecutive half-terms or 13 weeks, whichever is longer and the visit dates must be agreed at the start of the support period.

Free initial consultancy

This is a free, no-obligation meeting to explore your context and what EVC can do to support you. This is available prior to all full price package purchases and prior to the first purchase of a Focus package. It is not available for any subsequent Focus purchases.

What can these packages include?

These packages offer flexibility when dealing with end of financial year spending and allow schools to allocate funds to CPD, consultancy, etc when embarking on particular projects. They are also a cost- effective way of purchasing support.

The precise content of each visit is agreed in advance and can cover any aspect covered by EVC, with the exception of full day courses and programmes lasting more than one day. The following example outlines how a school could use a support package to further the strategic development of their ICT provision.

Note, unused days cannot be carried forwards into the following period and we recommend that you agree the visit dates at your earliest convenience to try and ensure that the dates you want are available.

All support packages are paid for in advance.