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CPD: General education courses

Achieving impact – realising and maximising benefits (generic)

Schools regularly implement new initiatives, projects and programmes, but these do not always realise the desired benefits and may struggle to achieve significant gains, despite the effort expended. “Realising and maximising benefits” is based on industry standard methodologies, specially adapted for education, to show senior and middle managers a range of straightforward techniques and tools to maximise impact.

Available as a discrete training workshop (1 day) with the option to tailor it to a specific initiative chosen by the school by adding additional support.

Strategic core planning (generic)

What are the key aspirations and values that lie at the heart of your organisation, your department or you as an individual? How many people in the organisation know what these are and how many of them are fully supportive? What about your wider stakeholders?

EVC believes (follow link and scroll down) that a strong, coherent educational vision should lie at the heart of the strategic planning process and that as well as being a key strategic driver it is also an essential communication and management tool. This workshop focuses on producing that strategic core vision and goes on to examine how it can be used to drive the development of strategies that strongly reflect the ethos of the organisation, group or individuals.

This workshop is suitable for a range of delegates and purposes, for example:

Available as a half or full day workshop.

Peer coaching as a powerful CPD tool (generic)

Peer coaching, because of its non-threatening, yet supportive nature, can be a very powerful professional development tool. It is suitable for coaching pairs at any stage in their teaching careers, but each pair should comprise individuals with roughly the same level of experience and responsibility. As well as the coaching pairs, up to two other members of staff can attend the training sessions.

Programme aims:  A pilot programme for between 2 and 5 coaching pairs that can later be developed by the school if it wants to adopt this approach more widely.

Classroom practice

Suitable for all staff, sessions are available on a wide range of areas including questioning, starters and plenaries, AfL, learning styles and climate for learning. Programmes or individual sessions can be designed according to requirements.

To discuss your requirements further, please contact us.