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Living in a digital world: Comments from readers

Published January, 2018

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Here are some comments and extracts from reader reviews and social media posts.

“The author, Mark Baker, has achieved something rather extraordinary with this book: he has made it both useful and readable...This is a book I would definitely recommend, both for teachers who find the subject somewhat arcane, and for students.” Terry Freedman, Digital Education (ISSN 2049-9663), November 2018.

“It certainly is a good book for any ICT teacher coming to grips with computer science” John Woollard, CAS/University of Southampton

Brilliantly thorough book “I'm a teacher and this book is a great resource and I have used it to plan my KS3 as well as GCSE and A-Level. I would recommend to anyone who wants to deepen/cement their knowledge!” Katy, teacher

Invaluable Technological Information “He [the author] explains complex things in a simple and friendly way with a lot of images, diagrams, practical examples and summarises the key learning points for each topic. I would recommend this accessible, friendly and invaluable book to a wide audience.” Ed, geoscientist, working in oil and gas exploration

I discovered it is really not like most text books at all “I would recommend this book to a wide audience as it seems to me to really address the topical issue of our level of technological understanding of the world. We don’t all need to be able to code or programme our devices, nor be capable of physically making or mending them, but we owe it to ourselves to remove some of the mystery of how things we use actually work and some of their implications. The author has succeeded in producing a very accessible, informative and entertaining book for both novices and those who have already mastered many of the topics.” Nita Hansen, teacher

A great read "I am a professional musician and I really enjoy technology, especially computer gaming. However I did not know about how technology works and that was what interested me about this book. It was a great read - everything was explained in ways that were easy to understand and there were lots of diagrams and photographs." Życie w wieku cyfrowej technologii, Kostek47, musician

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