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Primary Computing Curriculum Writing Workshops - delegate comments

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If you are interested in hosting future courses at your school, please get in touch, to discuss the details and the benefits on offer. We are happy to consider new venues in areas that are not already covered.

Course was very good for giving confidence in the direction to take with our school. Mark is very knowledgeable and helpful.

What I got out of today...Lots of ideas for programming, collaboration with colleagues, ideas for planning ICT curriculum.

Gill Hague, Berkshire

Thank you for this training. It takes me to the next stage of planning the ICT curriculum.

Peter Prystupa, Berkshire

What I got out of today...Great idea for writing vision and great resources for writing own curriculum, especially examples.

Really helpful and useful - thank you!

Scarlett Murphy, Berkshire

A good course to help me focus my thoughts on where I want to take IT in my school.

Iain Stockton, Berkshire

What I got out of today...A lot more structure and ideas to help me refine our SOWs for new computing.

Teacher, Berkshire

Many thanks, very useful. Always good to network.

Jude Parsons, Berkshire

A really useful guide which gave me a lot to think about.

Joe Matthews, Berkshire