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About the author
Mark C Baker

At first glance, books on digital technology and canals may seem like strange bedfellows and this is something which often provokes comment. Living in a digital world was born out of a lifetime working as a computing/IT teacher and adviser, trying to find ways of making seemingly complex ideas and concepts accessible to the widest possible audience. The UK Canals series followed from interests in photography and canals, hobbies that are enthusiastically followed.

All the books relied on Mark’s wide range of computer skills, including in areas such as desktop publishing, producing graphics and diagrams and photography. He is responsible for all aspects of the production process, from generating content, to book design and publishing. Apart, that is, from manufacturing and with some third party help with proof-reading, occasional suggestions and a few photographs, all gratefully acknowledged.

The UK Canals series books are bound together by the common threads of canals and photography (being mostly collections of images). However, there is a canal guide and a wildlife book, whilst the third book focuses on creative photography. The first and second books of the Pandemic diaries series are photo-journals, covering three months each, of the UK’s COVID-19 epidemic in 2020. These books are very different in character, matching the author’s wide range of interests.

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