“Learners we can all be proud of.”

Weird and wonderful canal photographs
by Mark C Baker

Published August, 2019

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A fabulous collection of original photographs, Weird and wonderful canal photographs is an essential addition to the bookshelves of both photography and canal enthusiasts.

The book starts with the assertion that canals are wonderful places to take cameras to and proceeds to prove its case with 17 themed chapters, packed with innovative, interesting and artistic images.

Being a creative photographer is a little like being an observational comedian. You must learn to look at the world from strange angles, so that the ordinary and the mundane are presented in fresh and unusual ways, challenging and delighting the observer. This book sets out to do just that.

8.5 x 11”, 140 full colour pages, over 360 photographs.
ISBN: 978-1082880629

Available worldwide: As well as Amazon, this book is available to order from a range of bookshops and online retailers. Independent booksellers can order copies from a number of distributors, such as Ingram, NACSCORP, Baker & Taylor and CreateSpace Direct.

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