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What I have got out of today…
Much better understanding of binary, tons of great ideas for use in class. Thank you for another great session.
Alex Smith, Oxfordshire

Valuable e-safety (sexting) tips and resources. 360 degree safe and NAACE Mark info. Thank you Mark - an enjoyable session.
Susan Martin, Berkshire

Learnt lots about search engines. I had no idea before how they worked.
Great, got me thinking!
Clair Harris, Berkshire

Informative and just what we needed as a school - teaching ideas.
Sophie Hammond, Berkshire

Great new things to think about.
Thea Pine, Berkshire

What I have got out of today…I now have an understanding of how the binary system works and could be able to explain it to someone else. I also got ideas for improving use of search engines. Thanks - very informative.
Beth Watts, Swindon

Digital devices information really useful.
Nicola Williams, Oxfordshire